One-day trip with funny sheep in Chingjin ( Buy 8 hrs Free 1 hr )

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    Taichung-Cingjin farm-Guanshan pasture-Carton king- Small Swiss Garden-The Old England - Century- old suncake shop-Taichung

    Come on!Let's be the goatherd in Cingjin farm,feel the  magic of the carton King~and enjoy the romance in the old England~

    • 08 : 00

      Travel from Taichung Hotel or designated location of Taichung City.

    • 9:20

      Arrived at Cingjing
      (expected to stay for 70 minutes)

    • 11:00

      Arrived at Small Swiss Garden
      (expected to stay for 40 minutes)

    • 11:50

      Arrived at  Cingjing Carton King
      (expected to stay for 120 minutes)

    • 13:30

      Arrived at  The Old England
      (expected to stay for 20 minutes)

    • 15:00

      Arrived at Century-old suncake shop
      (expected to stay for 30 minutes)

    • 16:00

      Back to Fengjia Night Market or Taichung Railway Station or Taichung High Speed Rail.

    • Q&A

      ❁1. How to book?

      Please be our member first, you can be our member by logging on to Facebook.

      Select the itinerary you need->select a departure date-> The number of travel-> subscribe directly

      And then will jump out would you please fill in the passenger information page, if you already have your teammates passport data, it is recommended that you completed directly, convenient for our insurance department for your special insurance If you have not yet made up data or passport to update, you can check the processing “Later” This button can skip this step


      ❁2. Where is the starting point of the day tour? Where will the driver pick me up that day?

      Any taichung urban hotel also includes taichung high-speed railway station, taichung railway station, taichung passenger terminal.

      Additional services in remote areas: for example, kamioka, Dali, uri, fengyuan

      Please contact our customer service representative if your departure point is not within the scope of our free service Whatsapp or Wechat +886909057968


      ❁3. How do I know who is serving my driver when I am done?

      When you are scheduled to complete our website, our customer service staff will contact you through Whatsapp or Wechat & E-mail.

      Add you, driver, customer service representative, and company assistant to the group chat room.

      Contact any matter or emergency information at any time to ensure that your trip is always available to our team during your trip.


      ❁4. What is my guarantee of this travel plan

      You must fill in your booking with all group members passport data (passport name, birthday, gender, passport number) we will provide you with charter travel insurance This is your rights and interests is also our duty

      Warm reminder: remember to purchase a travel security guarantee for your trip

      Happy to go home safely is the only purpose of tourism! We have been running travel business for more than 20 years for Taiwan's legitimate business travel service. We must not find any illegal car drivers on the Internet


      ❁5. Baggage claim

      A day trip service is best not to carry luggage because of the limited space in the car

      If you must take your luggage, please contact the customer service representative to confirm whether the car can accommodate your luggage size and number of customer service representatives

      The driver has the right to refuse or change the cart if he is not told to carry the large baggage

      This provision ensures that passengers' comfort is best

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Important Reminder:

Once you finish the reservation,our system will send the reservation confirmation letter to your mail box you designated. 
If you do not receive it, please check your junk mails.
The customer service will reply to your booking confirmation within 2 days.

Please tell us in detail where to pick you up and down for the day.
The driver's service time is 9 hours and the overtime fee is TWD 500 / hour. Please pay the driver.

The expense include:

  • Driver and charter cost(Fuel costs, Parking fee, Toll) .
  • The highest Passenger Liability Insurance is NT 3,000,000 /PPL.

The expense exclude:

  • Meals.
  • Personal consumption.
  • Tickets of attraction. 
  • Accommodation.


  • Cancellation of the reservation or delay due to any reasons other than events of force mejure happens during the trip, you can postpone the date or cancel the reservation, and we will assist you for the full of refund
  • For other condition of cancellation:
    1.Tourists or can't arrive at place for pick-up.We can't accept refund.
    2.If tourists can't back to place for pick-up during the trip and cause the detained situation, we can't accept refund.
  • Due to control of time and the safety for tourists, if tourists can't visit some spots because of some reasons (eg:weather,renovation...etc), driver will explain to tourists

Cancellation Policy:

  • After the default ,If you can't attend the activity for some reason, please call us as soon as possible.  ( Whatsapp / Wechat +886909057968 )
  • For the reservations that are cancelled 14 days before the departure, a handling fee of NT500 will be charged;
  • For the reservations that are cancelled 8 to 13 days before the departure, a handling fee of 50% of the value of the amount will be charged;
  • For the reservations that are cancelled 4 to 7 days before the departure, a handling fee of 70% of the value of the amount will be charged;
  • For the reservations that are cancelled1 to 7 days before the departure, a handling fee of 100% of the value of the amount will be charged;
  • For the reservation that are decrease the number of people to 7 days before the departure,we won't Change motorcycle type you for the refund;
Note : 
If we have unaccomplished of instruction, we reserve the right to have explanation.


If you have any further questions or customization please. Send inquiry

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